Get Even Without Causing Harm

Have you been persecuted? Are you harassed? Has your reputation been harmed by those you know or do not know and your livelihood and well being suffered as a result? If you are being harassed or have been, in your daily life or on the internet, I can help you.

If you have been trolled or bullied online, or stalked, defamed or slandered. I can help you. If someone you know has had their lives ruined by internet harassment, I can help. If this has happened to you and you don't know what to do about it, I can show you what you can do to to stop this from happening. If you are being bullied, I show you how to make it stop.

I can show you how to get your life back.

When you are persecuted it can be overwhelming and you may not know what to do.  I can coach or mentor you in all of these situations and show you how to get even without causing harm. I can help you by teaching you powerful mental and psychological techniques of fighting back from the Tibetan Dur Bon tradition. I am international best selling author on this pre Buddhist tradition of Tibet. I am a psychotherapist and psychological trauma therapist and a physician of Tibetan medicine trained since childhood.

Within its vast storehouse of knowledge, the Tibetan Dur Bon teachings have effective and immediate methods of stopping yourself from been persecuted by others. You can protect yourself. You can fight back and overcome. Once you start to use these techniques those who harass you are exposed, stopped and you can get even without causing harm.

These methods work. I have helped hundred of people over the years successfuly fight back and defeat those who percuted them. You have the power to take control of this  situation, using these merhods, halting those who harass you for good.

The methods that I can teach you  will expose and stop those who are harming you. I can show you how to get even without causing harm. These methods create powerful opportunities for you to get the right legal and official help if needed and will vanquish those who harm you. You can stop those who seek to harass you. You can reclaim your life. You can use these methods even when you do not know who is harassing you, as they will help you discover those that hide behind false names and identities.

I have helped many people whose lives have been ruined by stalking, defamation, slander, harassment, internet harassment and bullying overcome their persecutors. They have rebuilt their lives successfully without fear. You have a right to life on your own terms, so clam this right. The right to live free from persecution. No one has the right to cause you harm or seek to damage your livelihood, reputation or freedom to live as you choose.

I can coach you on a specific situation or event that is happening right now. I can offer key strategies or tactics using specific techniques that will have immediate effect.

If it is a complex situation that is causing you much suffering I can offer you a mentoring programme that will guide you to heal all the negative effects of your situation, making you stronger, happier, not afraid.

I provide strategies and tactics that will enable you to overcome those who have harassed you, stopping them for good.