• 'Providing you are willing to work through your own problems, Christopher Hansard will help you with your emotions, your health and well being and give advice to you which is practical, unpretentious and solid.' JPT, London

  • 'When my life began to change, I was stunned, and I didn't believe such changes were possible.' K.W. Oslo

  • 'As I went to see Christopher for sessions, I began to become healthy and to finally eat the kind of food which was healthy for my body type.' H.W. London and Edinburgh

  • 'I was able to become the artist I had only ever dreamt of being.' M.C, New York

  • 'I thought I had lost myself a long time ago, but once I was having treatment with Christopher I began to return, I could not believe that this was happening to me.' O.S.T, London, and Santa Monica

  • 'Christopher is more like a spiritual guide than simply a doctor or physician. His knowledge is deep, and his abilities are above that of any healer I have encountered.' D.Q.W, London, New York and Prague

  • 'CH has helped me to develop my abilities as a musician and performer far beyond what I had ever hoped was possible' K.T.B, London and New York

  • 'My work with Christopher Hansard means I can now let go of my addictions' O.P, Dublin

  • 'When I was almost too stressed to speak, Christopher Hansard was still able to help me with Tibetan acupuncture and breathing meditations. I found these profoundly helpful and relaxing' P.C.W, Manchester

Coaching & Mentoring
Appointments and Fees

Coaching Sessions: For a 60 minute coaching  session, I charge £GBP 85. For a 2 hour session it is £GBP 170. A 40 minute session, £GBP 75.00. All can be paid via PayPal. This can be paid singly for a session at a time or as recurring sessions.

Mentoring Sessions: This a package of two hours a week over a period of  twenty six weeks. It is payable in one sum  via PayPal or in two instalments also via Paypal via my website.  The fee for the 6 month course is  £ GBP 4,080. You can pay this in one payment or in two equal payments of  £ GBP 2,040.00 or monthly recurring payments of £GBP 680.00. Please go to  the PayPal tab to choose which payment package suits you best.

People pay me by PayPal and this is done securely through my website-please see the PayPal button. If you are from overseas you will be charged in your own currency based upon the existing exchange rates at the time which is set by your payment provider. I offer appointments  via an Online System that provides secure and confidential video communications.

Please note that I operate a 72 (Seventy-two) hour cancellation policy which means if you cancel an appointment within 72 hours of the booked day and time you will be charged the full agreed fee.

Send Me an E-Mail

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  • Coaching Sessions
    Each appointment is sixty (60) minutes long and is £85.00 per hour. For a single session (at £75) or a two (2) hour session (£170.00). I also offer 40 minute sessions at £75.00 per session. These are also available as Weekly recurring appointments.

  • Mentoring
    The mentoring programme is 26 week in length. You can pay in 3 convenient ways. You can pay in full by clicking the PayPal button for one payment of £4,080.00 or the payment button that offers you to pay in two instalments of £2,040.00 or monthly recurring payments of £680.00, payable on the same day and date each month that you first paid

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Telephone:In the UK: 0207 183 8671

International: +44 207 183 8671

33 St.James's Square,
United Kingdom

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